Everything you need to know about EVs

Aren’t EVs really expensive?

There are many EV models and options available at a wide price range. The cost to run and maintain an EV over time is significantly lower than a gas-powered counterpart. There could also be signficant resale value. The best way to view this is to look at the Total Cost of Ownership. Explore your options and calculate your future savings to find an EV that fits your lifestyle and your budget. 

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How far can I get in an EV?

An average new EV has a 250km range, with popular models usually being over 380km. According to Stats Canada, the median Canadian commute is 15km. Plug-in at home and wake up to a full charge each morning with plenty of range for your daily driving needs.

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How fast will an EV charge?

You can easily recharge an EV at a charging station, but since EVs can be charged just by plugging into a wall socket — you’ll find yourself charging overnight at home! You can also be confident that in a pinch, you can find a charging station nearby to get you where you need to go.

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Are EVs better for the environment?

Yes! The electricity generated to power EVs is generally cleaner than gasoline and it’s getting cleaner over time as we integrate more renewable energy on the grid. Even if an electrical grid was powered entirely by coal, EVs would still only produce 88% of the emissions of gasoline powered vehicles. While it’s also true that producing the battery in an EV can sometimes result in higher emissions during the manufacturing process, that gap is closed within 18 months of driving. With our current electricity mix in Nova Scotia, at the end of its lifecycle, an EV cuts the emissions of gas-powered alternatives in half.

Perks of owning an EV

You’ve got great reasons to get excited about owning an EV.


End your relationship with gasoline

(or just stay friends)


Be planet-friendly

(and reduce your carbon footprint)


Peace and quiet

(no engine noise)


Make your pockets heavier

(cheaper to run and maintain)

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